Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Random acts of kindness...

This morning Wade and I went to Trader Joe's after I dropped Ruby at school. Trader Joe's is great with the kids because ,if you don't already know, they give balloons to the kids.
Anyway, Wade and I were getting into the car and he let his balloon go (on purpose). An employee saw this happen and before I knew it he was back at our car with a brand new blue balloon! After he gave the balloon to Wade, he then put all my groceries in the car for me. Oh yeah, and then put my cart away for me. I don't know his name but I do know that I love him.
I know that we have lived here for over a year now but some days I still can't get over how nice people are.
ps The second we got out of the car at home it popped. Wade thought it was the funniest thing ever.

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bev said...

I am in love with Wadey in his red hat.