Thursday, June 26, 2008


There are lots of chickens here.

When we first moved here I thought it was really strange.

We went to a new friends house yesterday and they had some chickens.
This one was very special. Her name was Snow White. She was pretty fancy for a chicken, I thought. Ruby was in love with her and her owner (pictured above), India.

The funny thing is the chickens don't seem strange at all anymore.
I am starting to wonder if we should get some........

Tree Hugger

Ruby met this tree the other day.
It made her really happy.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Have you ever...

Fallen asleep while you were eating an ice-cream cone?
Oh Wadey, how many ways do I love you.
This happened today on our way back from Sauvie Island.
That berry picking sure can make you sleepy.

Happy first day of summer.
Our week of swimming lessons has come to a close.
Ruby graduated to the next level. Hooray!
All that swimming and biking can sure make a mom tired.
I am glad that we have a little break before we start again.

New York

So, here are a few pics from my trip to New York a little while back.

Christina and Carrie being cute.

We found this one day as we were walking down the street.
Pretty strange, especially because it was while we were talking about her.
Thanks for the cute new shoes Carrie.

Me and Carrie.

Christina took this one of me and it makes me feel like Mary Tyler-Moore.

It was so nice to be solo for 3 whole dayS!!
And my two best girls on top of that, what a treat.
We saw a really funny broadway show
if you want to laugh until your face hurts.
Thanks girls, I love you lots. Can't wait for next year.

And thanks Greg for making it happen.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I love this picture.

We went to Multnomah Falls today.

My people are so darn cute.

It was really beautiful and green and wet.

Ruby and Wade found a cave that was just the right size.

It is so rare for us to get a picture of all four of us together.
Thanks nice lady that took it.


Hooray!!! It is berry picking time again!
We did our first pick on Friday at Sauvie Island.

I made my own shortcake this time.
I gotta say, I prefer the puffs you buy in the produce section.
I am certain that they are terrible for you in every way,
maybe that is what makes them so darn good!!
I am hopping to have my giant freezer full of berries by the end of the season. That means I got a whole lot of picking to do.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Here is Ruby singing Wade a bedtime song.

Lollipapa and ma

Grandma Alice and Papa Jesse were just visiting.
Grandma brought lollipops for the kids.

But is seems like Grandma and Grandpa like them just as much as the kids do.
I thought they were all so cute on the couch together. Wade kept asking everyone "yours taste good?"


Lately, wherever we go these 3 planes go too.

Wade likes to take them in his man purse when we drop Ruby off at school. They score him major "cool" points with 5 year old boys.

Is his hair getting too big?

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Dough

I have been trying to make things that I won't eat all day long with Ruby.
Her and I love to cook/bake together, usually cookies.
Lately, I end up eating them all in a day and feeling awful.

Today we made orange glitter playdough. So easy to make and way better than store bought in texture. It lasts much longer too.

Ruby loves to pick the color and glitter.
Here is her large ice-cream that we both pretended to eat. Neither one of us felt sick afterward.

Notice her new do?