Friday, June 20, 2008

New York

So, here are a few pics from my trip to New York a little while back.

Christina and Carrie being cute.

We found this one day as we were walking down the street.
Pretty strange, especially because it was while we were talking about her.
Thanks for the cute new shoes Carrie.

Me and Carrie.

Christina took this one of me and it makes me feel like Mary Tyler-Moore.

It was so nice to be solo for 3 whole dayS!!
And my two best girls on top of that, what a treat.
We saw a really funny broadway show
if you want to laugh until your face hurts.
Thanks girls, I love you lots. Can't wait for next year.

And thanks Greg for making it happen.


Autumn and Dan's family said...

When we went to New York we were living in Wilsonville at the time. We were walking down the street and there was a stack of boxes and they had a huge sticker on them that said Wilsonville,OR. We took a picture too. Not as cute as your shoes on the sidewalk picture though. Thanks for having us over last night! It was soooooo fun.

christina said...

too bad about that bad hair day i had! shoot!!