Friday, June 20, 2008

Have you ever...

Fallen asleep while you were eating an ice-cream cone?
Oh Wadey, how many ways do I love you.
This happened today on our way back from Sauvie Island.
That berry picking sure can make you sleepy.

Happy first day of summer.
Our week of swimming lessons has come to a close.
Ruby graduated to the next level. Hooray!
All that swimming and biking can sure make a mom tired.
I am glad that we have a little break before we start again.


Alexander-Talia said...

Ok -
So I saw your names on Autumn's blog and thought I would take a peek. I had no idea that I would see Wade asleep w/an ice cream cone. He is too cute!!! Hope you are well and we see each other soon.

christina said...

come on!! that's amazing