Sunday, March 30, 2008


I just came across these photos of Wade and his friend Dot (who just got a new baby sis today!) at the park awhile back. We had never tried this way before. It was super funny. They both seemed to really enjoy it. Ruby and her friend Rhet also joined in on the fun but my pics didn't turn out so good...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Fun

Oh Portland...

Every year the neighborhood association hosts an egg hunt for the neighborhood kids, of course it is free and ridiculously cute. This event happens at our local park which is 2 blocks from our house. We are so lucky!

At 10am they cut the tape and kids go flying everywhere!

This was Wade's first egg collecting adventure and boy was he excited about it. It took him a few minutes to realize what he was supposed to do and to try not to get trampled by other egg hunters but as this picture shows, he was quite proud of his take.

It is these events that make me so happy that we are here. It is such a nice neighborhood community for us. We were so happy to see all of our friends that we hardly even noticed that it was 30 degrees outside-but hey, at least it was sunny.

Here you can witness the chaos!


I finally finished these little booties for my friend Lupine's to be determined baby. I got the pattern from
Ruby picked out this yarn for the baby. It took awhile for her to understand that if it does turn out to be a boy it might not want to wear pick glitter yarn shoes.

I am now totally addicted to knitting. I feel really strange if I don't have a project. Like right now for instance. I will try to remedy the situation tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh Gnomes..

We have lots of gnomes. Ruby makes them at school. They sew them and stuff them themselves. Most are about the size of a finger.

every now and again one comes home from school. Some are holiday gnomes, some are butterfly gnomes, some are mini gnomes, sometimes we just get what Ruby calls "plain old" gnomes.
I am starting to think of what we should do with them all? A gnome mobile? A gnome diorama? We are planning on keeping Ruby in this same school next year so there will be at least twice this many by the end of next year. hmmm....
For those of you that don't know Ruby goes to a Waldorf school they spend lots of time talking about the fairies and gnomes, oh yeah and making them.

The POWs

not prisoners of war.... but pajamas!

I got these new pajamas for Wadey the other day. I had no idea that he would love them so much. He says, "Mommy, need the pows", at all different times of the day. When we put them on him he jumps around and says "Pow, Pow". He has to show everyone, even Dimitri (our cat).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ruby's latest works

Ruby colored and cut this out the other day. She brought it to me and said "if you don't give me dessert this monster will eat you up!" Too much Where the Wild Things Are?
Of course I gave her dessert, I didn't want to get eaten.

This, if you can't already tell, is our family portrait. I love Greg's green pants and I think that she really captured Wadey's hair.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More of our trip to California

Our friends had this little mailbox at their house. Wade had so much fun looking through it.

We visited our friend the ocean everyday. It is the thing we miss most about California- other than our friends and fam. Ruby reconnected with her long lost friends the sun and sand.

Doug (our friend that we stayed with) gave us these lollipops for the kids ears on the plane ride home. As you can see it kept them still for a few minutes. The problem was that Wade decided to start sticking it to me, the seat, himself, etc. Then he decided to hold the lollipop in his hand and just suck on the stick. It kind it made it look like he was smoking a pipe. It was one sticky ride home.

We had a really great trip. It was nice to come back to Portland and feel like this is home now.
We are so happy to have Auntie Missy and Uncle Kenny here now too. We hope that they like it as much as we do.
I will now try to start adding current pictures.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Butterflies in Palm Springs

We visited the butterfly arboretum at the living desert in Palm Springs.
The kids both got to hold their own butterflies.

Ruby thought it was the best thing ever!

Hooray this is my first post! Thanks Autumn!