Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More of our trip to California

Our friends had this little mailbox at their house. Wade had so much fun looking through it.

We visited our friend the ocean everyday. It is the thing we miss most about California- other than our friends and fam. Ruby reconnected with her long lost friends the sun and sand.

Doug (our friend that we stayed with) gave us these lollipops for the kids ears on the plane ride home. As you can see it kept them still for a few minutes. The problem was that Wade decided to start sticking it to me, the seat, himself, etc. Then he decided to hold the lollipop in his hand and just suck on the stick. It kind it made it look like he was smoking a pipe. It was one sticky ride home.

We had a really great trip. It was nice to come back to Portland and feel like this is home now.
We are so happy to have Auntie Missy and Uncle Kenny here now too. We hope that they like it as much as we do.
I will now try to start adding current pictures.

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