Thursday, May 29, 2008

I knew it would happen...

I just didn't know when.

It was yesterday.

It was surprising to find that the kids scissors that barely cut paper are actually pretty easy to cut hair with.
The funny thing is, I think it looks a lot better. She did a pretty good job of it.
I wonder how long it will be before she gets to Wade?

In my living room

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beautiful day!

Finally, some sun and hot weather!

we went for a bike ride on the Columbia River today. It was so beautiful. Ruby loves a beach and a little alone time with Mom and Dad.


Okay, I know that everybody says this but boy does time go by fast. A minute ago he was just a tiny little thing I brought home from the hospital. Boy was he a hard baby.

then, many sleepless nights went by and he was 1!

and now 2 years later I can't imagine 1 second without him. Before he was born Greg and I used to worry about how we could possibly love him as much as his sister, now I wonder everyday if it would be possible to love him more.

Here are a few kitties eating cake at the party. They were trying to master their frosting eating technique.

Here is a little video of the fun.
Thanks so much to everybody who came over to celebrate with us on one very (90+) hot day.

Sorry that the pictures aren't so great. I will post more when I get them from our professional Grandpa photographer.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Today was a big day for Ruby, she buckled her car seat belt all by herself- the whole thing -and then later she did a somersault.
Wow, what a day.

Friday, May 9, 2008

This Morning

This is how I woke up this morning...
"Mommy, wake up! I made a costume for Dimitri (our cat). I need you to help me put it on him. Wake up, don't close your eyes. Wake up Mommy!"

This is Dimitri in the costume. I had her cut the tail hole bigger. He has a really big tail.

I do think that he wears it well. I was surprised at how easy it went on. I think that she has quite the eye for measurement.

I wonder what else she will make him? He wore it for awhile. I think that he is starting to get used to being accessorized.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


In an effort to get Ruby to put her head underwater, these came home from the store with us. I think that they are perhaps more useful this way. Wade really enjoys wearing them around the house. "Mama, everything blue!". Ruby only kept them on for this photo op. Maybe it will be Wade that goes under the water first.
My sister thinks they look like some kids you would find at Burning Man.


These are two of my favorites of Wade.
Greg took them with his cell phone at lunch a couple of weekends ago.

Kitty Princesses?

These two get very busy in the afternoon. Wade was wearing his striped pants and no shirt so Ruby decided she should do the same. Next, came face painting and crowns. Then, the kitty princesses were born. Those kitties sure do like to run around.

Felt Food Exchange!

There are lots of crafty ladies here in Portland. Lots and lots of them. I am so lucky to have found some to hang out with. We decided to do a felt food exchange for the kids. Each of us made 9 of 1 item. Here is the result!!!
(I was the egg maker)
Super cute and really cheap!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Last Weekend

Last weekend we up to our friends cabin just outside of Tillamook (you know? where they make all that cheese?). We spent two lovely days visiting the coast and then hanging out along the Wilson River. It was a much needed getaway. We are so lucky to have such nice friends.
Wade and Ruby both keep asking to go back to the beach and the cabin. I think they had a really nice time too.
I can't wait to start taking them on day trips to the beach when Ruby is on summer vacation.