Friday, May 9, 2008

This Morning

This is how I woke up this morning...
"Mommy, wake up! I made a costume for Dimitri (our cat). I need you to help me put it on him. Wake up, don't close your eyes. Wake up Mommy!"

This is Dimitri in the costume. I had her cut the tail hole bigger. He has a really big tail.

I do think that he wears it well. I was surprised at how easy it went on. I think that she has quite the eye for measurement.

I wonder what else she will make him? He wore it for awhile. I think that he is starting to get used to being accessorized.

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Kathi said...

Hello Monica-

Jenn has been spreading the Auntie love and she sent Sandol and me the link to your blog. Being a proud Auntie myself I totally understand! I laughed at the Kitty outfits because my niece Jade has a kitty costume (and a spider man one) and she loves to strip and make her mom black her nose and help her put her costume on. You can see her in her costume at Chris and Stephanie's website.