Tuesday, July 29, 2008

More stuff...

This bread from this book
I can't say enough about how great it is.
Oh yeah, and super yummy!

I finally finished this dress that I started last summer.
It was a pattern for a knit...ooops! That is why it took so darn long.
I have a million yards of this seersucker that I bought at
a vintage store last summer. It has become many things.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Today while Wade was napping, I asked Ruby what she wanted to do.
Paint? Bake? Play CandyLand?
She says, "Let's pretend that your bed is a swimming pool and we are swimming".
"Go get your bathing suit on Mommy!"

Ruby and Wade have this new game that they play and since Wade
was sleeping I took his place.
She puts her undies on her back ( as pictured above )
and says that they are floaties.
I only got out of this part because I was just too big for her tiny panties.

This is her doing the Tooperdoilie (aka backstroke)

This was a tooperpoop (aka front stoke)

This is us after swimming. I decided that it would be best for me to swim
with all my clothes on- just for fun.

It was so nice to not have any camps, swimming lessons,
or travel adventures. I really miss just being at home hangin out with my Ru.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Utah

Greg's cousin David got married last week in Salt Lake City.
I had never been to Utah before but I had heard how beautiful
and full of Mormons it is.

We had some down time from wedding festivities and did some exploring.

These were some of the ski jumps from the Olympic games that we saw
on the way to Park City.

Ruby checking out the history of the locals. ( I wonder if this is why
she looks a little possessed?)

Wadey and Grandma and Papa Weinger at the wedding.

Ruby walking down the isle with a very happy mother of the groom (Auntie Donna)
looking on.
I need to get better with the photos. I was too busy wrangling flower girls.

As always, Wade had a really good time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stuff I have made...

There are these two of course.

This Built by Wendy. The inset was a real pain in the *%$!

These little cuties for Wade, with the pattern made by the one and only

I am trying to sew a project a week this summer.
A girl can dream right?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oh Wade

This is 4th of July berry picking with my family.
It seems like as soon as he hits the berry farms sleep comes fast.
Maybe it is all that manual labor.

Hope that everyone had a nice holiday.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The McKenzie

Oregon is full of beautiful trees.

The kids and I just got back from a trip to our friend Daria's cabin on the
McKenzie River.
It was really fun and crazy all at the same time.
There were 4 moms and 8 kids!

The girls and Wade checking out nature
on our hike.

We found this bridge that was carved out of a tree.
It was super scary to go across while trying to hold both kids hands.

Wade had so much fun scooting on the long driveway.
He is scooter crazy these days.

This is Daria reading to the big kids. I think this is the only photo
I have where the kids have clothes on.

Wade helped with the bucket to put out the fire for making smores.
But mostly he just ate marshmellows.
I think the bucket was just his in.

Daria and Ari in the river. Brrrr!

So far our summer has been super busy.
We had our friends Celia and David in from SF last weekend and then my whole family
for the 4th.
Now, we start swim lessons again and then off to
Utah for Greg's cousins wedding.
It has been great fun, especially having Ruby off school.

BBQ fun

We had some friends over for a little BBQ the other weekend.
They all brought all of their super cute kids.
Our friend Dan helped Wade fashion these earrings out
of play tea bags. I think they are quite lovely.

The kids really know how to party. They all sat around
doing "Cheers!" with their sippy cups.

And this poor chicken, it didn't really have a chance.
It sure was tasty though.

Here is a little video (that could use a little editing-but I don't know how to do that yet) of our very own BBQ band.