Sunday, July 6, 2008

The McKenzie

Oregon is full of beautiful trees.

The kids and I just got back from a trip to our friend Daria's cabin on the
McKenzie River.
It was really fun and crazy all at the same time.
There were 4 moms and 8 kids!

The girls and Wade checking out nature
on our hike.

We found this bridge that was carved out of a tree.
It was super scary to go across while trying to hold both kids hands.

Wade had so much fun scooting on the long driveway.
He is scooter crazy these days.

This is Daria reading to the big kids. I think this is the only photo
I have where the kids have clothes on.

Wade helped with the bucket to put out the fire for making smores.
But mostly he just ate marshmellows.
I think the bucket was just his in.

Daria and Ari in the river. Brrrr!

So far our summer has been super busy.
We had our friends Celia and David in from SF last weekend and then my whole family
for the 4th.
Now, we start swim lessons again and then off to
Utah for Greg's cousins wedding.
It has been great fun, especially having Ruby off school.

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Autumn and Dan's family said...

I'm so jealous...that looks like so much fun!