Monday, July 28, 2008


Today while Wade was napping, I asked Ruby what she wanted to do.
Paint? Bake? Play CandyLand?
She says, "Let's pretend that your bed is a swimming pool and we are swimming".
"Go get your bathing suit on Mommy!"

Ruby and Wade have this new game that they play and since Wade
was sleeping I took his place.
She puts her undies on her back ( as pictured above )
and says that they are floaties.
I only got out of this part because I was just too big for her tiny panties.

This is her doing the Tooperdoilie (aka backstroke)

This was a tooperpoop (aka front stoke)

This is us after swimming. I decided that it would be best for me to swim
with all my clothes on- just for fun.

It was so nice to not have any camps, swimming lessons,
or travel adventures. I really miss just being at home hangin out with my Ru.

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