Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sorry Holly

Day before yesterday we took Holly to the vet to get fixed.
The vets were very confused by his name and made him a
lady kitty appointment. oops.
He spent the day there and the kids and I
went to pick him up after Ruby got done with school.
Behind the desk at the vet office was
a whole crate full of tiny kittens- like small rodent tiny-
that someone had brought in. When Ruby saw them
she lost her mind. She decided we needed to take
them home, all 8 of them. There were a whole lot
of tears when I told her I couldn't take care of one more living
creature. In the car on the way home she and Wade decided
that they will both be Vets when they grow up, so that
they can always take care of the tiny kitties and all
other animals. They even pinkie promised.
Ruby told Wade that she was so happy that he decided
to be a Vet instead of a race car driver (his previous career
choice), that being a vet was a much safer choice.
So for the past two days they have been
discussing the ins and outs of being a Veterinarian.
These items have included college and how they
will get to work together. Wade asked me "Mama
can you fit 3 big people in one car?" because in his grown
up world I will still be their driver :)

Poor Holly, he is better now but he sure was
one drugged up kitty when he got home.
And by the way, how are you supposed to keep a kitten
from jumping, running and licking their parts for 3-5 days.

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bev said...

what a cute story. Poor Holly.