Friday, July 3, 2009

Our trip to Mt Shasta

Heading to the falls

at the lower falls.

Ruby at the swimming hole by our cabins.
Making rock sculptures.

Kia, Ruby, Julianna and Wade playing silly faces
in our cabin over lunch.

View of the swimming hole.

Ruby brought these to me and told me that they
were hearts for the love she has for me and 3 little cakes
for me because of all of the nice things I do for her.
She made me cry.

Everybody watching Scooby Doo in Elsa's bed tent.

This is me made out of playdough by Ruby.

Stomp rockets are the best!
Nice moves Ruby.


christina said...

looks so fun.......those hearts and definitely a teary moment!

bev said...

Mt Shasta...wish we could have stayed longer.