Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday talk

Wade's birthday is next month and we have just
started discussing it with him.
He spent most of today talking to me about the ins and outs
of his party. He has decided that we are going to have
the party at the Wayne Thiebaud exhibit at the Palm
Springs Art Museum
. He is trying to decide if we should set
up by the gift shop or by the stairs- (we took him there when
we were in California). He has also decided that
he will be getting 3 presents- a big sherriff car, a large dynaco mac
truck and one new the king (because the one he
has is ruined from me running it over with the vacuum) all from the movie Cars.
He has also decided that all of these gifts are
from Uncle Kenny. No presents from anyone else, only Uncle Kenny.
He has even thought about how he will carry them all, "in his bag mama".
Oh, and the cupcakes have to have blue icing and blue sprinkles.
I am so glad that he knows what he wants-
kind of like another little girl I know.
Now, we just how to figure out how to get everyone
to the Palm Springs Art Museum- I wonder if they host kids parties : )

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bev said...

it appears that Uncle Kenny had better get to the local mall and start shopping. the cupcakes are indeed a wise choice in my opinion. where and when will we board the tour bus to take us to Palm Springs? your two yung uns are planning quite an event. xoxo, grandpa dan