Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Drawing Frogs

Tonight when I (Greg) got home Ruby and Wade were in the craft room drawing frogs on the whiteboard. I got home late and it was time for bed. Still I gave them ten minutes and then offered them a choice: they could take a bath or draw frogs for a while longer. Ruby said, "I want to draw frogs and then take a bath."

I explained how the two were mutually exclusive and she decided they would take a bath. We ran to the tub, and I let her go back and draw frogs while the tub filled. When it was done Ruby got in the water, and by the time I had Wade undressed she started to cry, "But I really want to draw frogs instead!" Big tears. I told her if she could soap up and clean off really fast, I'd let her go back and draw frogs, and so she did, and Wade said "I want to go too," so I got them out in record time and in pajamas and they went back and drew frogs. I even gave them fifteen minutes extra while I ate.

Here is what Ruby drew (Wade supervised, I assume):


bev said...

those are some good looking frogs in my humble opinion. needless to say she had good supervision. xoxo granpa dan

jenfren said...

hoppin good frogs!

missmelissy7 said...

Wow - those are good!