Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like..

Saturday morning we went to get our Christmas tree
with some neighbor friends.

Of course there were cookies.....
and hot cocoa. (thanks Ara!)
Oh and that once a year family photo op.

Here is my proud Jewish husband doing what
he needed to do for his Christian wife.

This was our first time cutting at a tree farm.
Oh the choices, and the weather was amazing.

Wade stopped to talk to this tiny tree.

I could have stayed there all day. It was so beautiful.

Santa stopped by our local toy store Friday night.
Here are Ruby and Aiofe (her school friend) talking to the big guy.
Unfortunately, there are no photos of Wadey.
The second Santa walked in the door he started crying and asking
to go home. Maybe next year...


jenfren said...

Wish I was there sigh...You all look so festive.

Anonymous said...

Fun!! Very cute - I love that Wadey chatted with the little trees. :-)

bev said...

Chatting with little trees is good. Can't wait to see the tree all decorated.