Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We went to Astoria a couple of weekends ago to visit these
lovely people. They are renovating a home that they bought there which
is super excellent and we can't wait to rent it in the summertime!
It was really beautiful there.
We also encountered some really loud sea lions.

Sorry it has been a post-less weekend. Darn you Facebook!
It sure is a time sucker!

Also, dear family members, I am so
proud of you all for figuring out how to comment!!!


christina said...

i want to go there now..with you all.

bev said...

great pics. love the little people playing on the tracks. just like a hobo. luv, grandpa dan

Anonymous said...

Yay for comments! We love the blog. :-) FB is such a time suck. Did you guys go to the Goonies house when you were in Astoria?