Friday, August 1, 2008


Ruby is happiest at the beach. Blissful really.
She never wants to leave even if she is freezing cold with
snot running down her face.

We went to the beach yesterday with Ruby's twin boyfriends
Chris and Ben, their nanny and their little brother Max.
We still really miss the ocean so much that we are willing to go to
crazy lengths to get there.
For example: we left yesterday at noon without Wade having napped. I thought it would happen in the car but the DVD player in the car was wayyyy exciting. We
also knew that it would take nearly 2 hours to get there and that we probably would
get back waaayyyy past bedtime.

You can't tell from these pictures but all of the boys melted down fast.
It got really cold and windy.
Everyone was crying and wanting to be carried the 4 blocks back to the beach house.
Except for Ruby who wanted to stay forever.

All that being said it was still so worth it to hang at the beach for a little bit.
See you soon ocean.


Autumn and Dan's family said...

Fun...Don't you love to see your child so happy at the beach. It would've been my highlight of our trip if it wasn't so cold and windy. Rhett didn't mind though. Are you up for a Fabric Depot sale trip?

bev said...

Pictures of Ruby and Wade at the beach are always my favorite.